About Us

‘A day without beauty, is like…

…Just kidding.  We have no idea!

Welcome to Arjuna Rigby Arts and Lifestyle: our one-stop haven for fellow art lovers and spiritual seekers - or as we like to say, enlightenment enthusiasts.  

Why Choose Us?

We here at Team Arjuna Art and Lifestyle are focused on creating enlightening aesthetic products exclusive for spiritual seekers everywhere.  Designed and produced prayerfully for your special space.  

Our designs are available exclusively online.  They are NOT available in stores!  Looking for the perfect gift for your friend, family member - or even yourself?  We have you covered.  From our hand-painted AUM symbols, to our friendly Gentleman's Cat, to our Luscious Landscapes: we have something for everyone, no matter if you meditate on the go, while doing that yoga pose, or in the silent stillness of your mediation cushion. 

Not only are we focused on creating awesome products: we are also focused on great service.  Our customers are our #1 priority.  Got a question?  Just flick us an email or leave us a message on live chat.  Someone from our team will get back to you ASAP. 

In peace. Om shanti shanti shanti.