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Cat Vibes Rolled Fine Art Print

Cat Vibes Rolled Fine Art Print

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This handsome tabby cat is depicted in rich purples, pinks and silver with sparkles and is sure to uplift any room's decor. 

Set in an ethereal, dream-like environment, it eloquently expresses the subtle cat vibes rather than what we see merely with the naked eye. 

Arjuna Rigby

The cat is poised yet relaxed directly outside what appears to be a mouse hole of sorts.  Is he meditating or is he not?  Perfect for the cat-lover who also appreciates the subtleties in life. 

Arjuna Rigby

Cat Vibes by artist Andrea Bruns.

Each rolled print is made with semi-gloss paper and comes in five sizes.

 7" x 5"    14" x 11"    20" x 16"    24" x 18"    and

32" x 24"

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