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Christ Within - Original Acrylic Painting

Christ Within - Original Acrylic Painting

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This bright and colorful image of the Virgin Mary with the Christ child is a contemplative and contemporary response to the traditional orthodox icons.  As the title suggests, it is evocative of the inner journey of contemplation. 

Mary's robes are orange, representing wisdom or knowledge, whereas her rainbow colored skin reflects limitless, ever-present, non-dual love. 

In her arms is Christ represented here as an infant, vulnerable but with adult-like confidence.  His blue skin symbolizes eternity and He is clothed in gold.  Is the love within, or without, or both?

Hand painted on an 8 x 13 wood block with detailed glitter halos. 

In honor of the Greek Orthodox traditional icons but with striking and bold coloring - it’s east meets west in this contemplative one-of-a-kind work.

Arjuna Rigby


This is an original piece of art and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Arjuna Rigby


Exclusively available online at Arjuna Rigby.  This icon is NOT available in stores.

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Arjuna Rigby

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