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Pink Triangle with Silver OM

Pink Triangle with Silver OM

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For the modern yogi and meditator.

Arjuna Rigby Pink Yoga OM home decor painting

Our original hand painted triangle OM’s are popular gift items.  Perfect for that yoga studio, meditation space or office.  They spice up any environment with a vibrancy of goodness! 

Arjuna Rigby Art & Lifestyle

Acrylic paint on 8 inch sided triangle.

Arjuna Rigby Art & Lifestyle

This is an original piece of art and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Arjuna Rigby Art & Lifestyle


Exclusively available online at Arjuna Rigby.  This triangle AUM is NOT available in stores.

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To learn more about this ancient sanskrit symbol read the article, 'Discover the Meaning of OM.'

Arjuna Rigby Art & Lifestyle
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