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Sacral Chakra Sticker

Sacral Chakra Sticker

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Unlock the power of the sacral chakra with this artisanal svadhisthana sticker. 

Sacral chakra: It's color is orange. 

The second primary energy center among the seven, located about 2 inches below the belly button.

Arjuna Rigby

 It's known as the svadhisthana or 'where your being is established.' 


The sacral chakra is your center of creativity, sexuality, passion and enjoyment.  

Arjuna Rigby

 Opening this chakra boosts creativity.  It is blocked by feelings of guilt.

 Awaken your sacral chakra: incorporate the color orange in daily life, i.e. wear the color orange, eat orange foods; take warm baths, practice the goddess pose and hip openers, essential oils sandalwood and jasmine.


You cannot go wrong with a classic sticker.  Spread the Love.  Spread the Peace.  Spread the visual joy in simple sticker format.

Exclusively available online from Team Arjuna.  These stickers are NOT available in stores.

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