Collection: Summertime OM's


Arjuna Rigby Art & Lifestyle


For your one stop OM shop look no further, we've got you.  

Arjuna Rigby OM

Our newest OM canvas paintings and art pieces.  All made with those good summer vibes. 

Arjuna Rigby Yoga OM Symbol Paintings


Stand alone or in a collection, these small, one-of-a-kind, canvas triangles and squares will enlighten and personalize any space.  

Arjuna Rigby Art and lifestyle

Originals come with artist's certificate of authenticity. 

Arjuna Rigby Art & lifestyle

Browse the latest OM ceramic designs: the summertime OM jumbo coffee mug collection.

Arjuna Rigby Art & Lifestyle

And for some summer reading check out our featured article, 'Discover the Meaning of OM,' by Ed Mclaughlin.


Arjuna Rigby Art & Lifestyle